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  • What You DON'T KNOW About Snapchat Dysmorphia

    55% of people who get plastic surgery nose jobs and eyelid lifts do so because of Snapchat Dysmorphia, AKA body image distortion according to a Newsweek article we read recently. This dysmorphic disorder is driven by unrealistic Snapchat filters of selfies and compels users to attempt diet plans ...

  • Trans Fats to be Banned

    Trans fats have been known to cause heart attacks and, according to this article, kills 500,000 people annually! Trans fats are BANNED in many countries and will finally be banned in the USA soon. Until then, we need to know how to avoid trans fats because our lives depend on it.

    Trans fats ar...

  • The DANGER of Wellness - The Secret to Unlocking Health

    Wellness, optimum health and disease are three different things and we discuss why wellness is a dangerous place to be. Defining these three different health conditions can mean the difference between life and death, disease and wellness, and the ultimate state of optimum health.

  • BONUS CONTENT: 3 Secrets to Losing Weight You MUST KNOW

    How to lose weight fast for life with 3 principles: 1. Mindset 2. Navigate the New World of Food and 3. Fitness. It is a myth that you need to go on a diet or a gym membership to lose weight. Take control of your health for life with the Optimum Health Master Class. It's a revolutionary new appro...

  • BONUS CONTENT: The Secrets to Stopping Migraine Headaches

    How to stop migraines forever. I eliminated migraines from my life years ago using simple principals that allowed me to become optimally healthy rather than focusing on trying to stop migraines with medications or treatments. YOU CAN DO THIS AS WELL!

    Although I share many useful tips on stoppi...

  • BONUS CONTENT: How To Clean Berkey Water Filters THE RIGHT WAY

    This is a tutorial on how to clean a Big Berkey water filter. We cover taking the Berkey apart and putting the Berkey back together again properly for both the Black Berkey and the Berkey fluoride filters. Cleaning and maintaining your Berkey water filter will allow it to last years with minimal ...