The Optimum Health Master Class Premium

The Optimum Health Master Class Premium

Welcome and congratulations! You can now: Improve health, revolutionize mindset, be empowered and accomplish your health goals - FOR LIFE.

What You'll Learn:

- The secret decision-making formula that supercharges healthy decision making for life
- The two-step mindset hack you must know if you’re ever going to get healthy and reach health goals, like losing weight
- The critical role that subconscious programming via propaganda has on our health – and how to reverse it
- The biggest change to human diet since the dawn of time that no one is talking about that has an enormous impact on our health
- The one nutrient you’re not getting enough of that makes losing weight and reversing disease much easier – and how to easily get more in your diet
- What you don’t know about tap water that can undermine your health and how to properly remove it
- The three principals to weight loss that are hidden in plain sight
- The super simple technique to get all the right healthy fats and eliminate all the bad ones
- How to eliminate health food confusion
- How to choose the right healthy foods easily for life
- How to effortlessly eliminate health issues from your life forever
- The secrets the health and food industries don’t want you to know
- The primary reason you don’t want to start a workout routine until after you’ve fueled your body right first
- And TONS more...

Learn to eat the foods that reduce weight, end reliance on meds and drive optimum health FOR LIFE. Decode how to make better health decisions and how our mindset plays a role in weight gain and loss. The OHMC empowers you with a new health mindset and combines ancient healthy knowledge with the new world of food in the 21st century. Lose weight without diet plans or counting calories. Stop taking meds. Prevent and reverse disease. Heal ailments that are caused by diet. Create an overall healthy lifestyle in your own way and on your own terms.

The Course Content Includes:

1. Learn how to improve healthy decision making and mindset - for life

-How and why we make the health decisions we do
-How mindset influences decision making
-How we got the failing mindset we have, and how to reverse it
-Our perceived body image, how we got it and why it's wrong
-Understanding the modern diet plan and why they often don't work and are temporary
-Industry conflict of interest and corruption - It's all about the $$
-Learn how to make better decisions easily without needing "discipline"

2. Learn what foods are healthy, which aren't and how to choose the right ones with ease - for life

-Defining real healthy foods to make getting healthy easy
-Learn about the original optimum healthy food "diet"
-How food de-evolved during early human civilization
-The New World of Food in the 21st century
-The diet de-evolution destroying our health
-Discover how Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) effect health
-The difference between optimum health, "not sick" and disease
-Healthy does not = fitness. Fitness does not = healthy

3. Learn how to get the right kind of fats and eliminate bad fats easily - for life

-Good and bad fats and how to make getting the right ones easy
-How the fat free revolution ruined our health
-Fatty Acids and why they really matter
-Conventional meats vs. organic meats vs. organic grass fed meats

4. Learn about water, water contamination and its effect on health

5. Bonus Content

-Managing the costs of healthier foods
-Exposure to toxins from other sources like toothpaste etc.
-Potentially improve your eyesight
-Feet, ankle, knee, hip and back health

...And MORE!

The content library will always grow over time and you'll be notified of new content once you're a member.

We Believe:

1. That everyone should be healthy. Not just "not sick", but optimally healthy.
2. Everyone can become healthy without diet plans,
3. or counting calories,
4. and without the meds.
5. That every human being should be empowered to be in control of their own health,
6. and to navigate the "new world of food",
7. and to challenge the status quo.

Our cause is to inspire and empower the world to be optimally healthy on their own terms in a revolutionary way - for life.

Welcome to the OHMC!

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The Optimum Health Master Class Premium
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