The Optimum Health Master Class LITE - Buy for $9.99

The Optimum Health Master Class LITE - Buy for $9.99

The Optimum Health Master Class LITE contains all the content of the Premium version without the bonus video content.

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The Optimum Health Master Class LITE - Buy for $9.99

20 Videos

  • PUBLIC Introduction (FREE) - Welcome to the Optimum Health Master Class!

    PUBLIC Introduction (FREE) - Welcome to the Optimum Health Master Class! Learn the secrets to optimum health and sign up for FREE for 3 days.

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  • Introduction - Welcome to the Optimum Health Master Class!

    Welcome to the OHMC and congratulations. You've just invested in yourself to take full control over your health for the rest of your life! This course will enable you to reach health milestones faster and permanently by re-focusing on creating optimum health for yourself without diet plans, count...

  • 1: The Secret to Healthy Decision Making - The OODA Loop

    Every day, we make decisions about our health by what we eat. Understanding decision making is critical to changing how we make those decisions and why we make the decision we always have.

    The OODA Loop is a powerful expression of our every day decisions. Understanding how the OODA Loop works ...

  • 2: Why We Get In a Health Rut - The Closed Loop Effect

    Building on the OODA Loop, the closed loop effect is what paralyzes our ability to make good and evolving decisions about hour health. This video helps us understand how we get into a closed decision loop scenario so that we can be enabled to break the mad cycle that makes getting health so diffi...

  • 3: Propaganda and Society's Influence on Health Mindset

    Propaganda and society have significant influence on our mindset and is a key reason why it can be so difficult to make effective positive changes to our health.

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  • 4: Defining The Modern Diet Plan - Break Free From Dieting

    This video covers the brutal truth about today's diet plans and why we automatically turn to them when we need to lose weight. Here, we debunk the concept that diet plans are worth the risks, costs and hassles.

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  • 6: Perceived Body Image - How We've Been Taught to See Ourselves

    Our perceived body has much to do with how we view ourselves in the context of what we have learned both consciously and subconsciously from society and propaganda. This video explores some sources of our perceived body image and lays the foundation for undoing it to get to what's real about how ...

  • 8: Breaking Free: A New Mindset for Lifetime Health

    This monumental video helps us shift us to an active mindset to enable us to have the right mindset for optimum health.

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  • 9: Set the Stage for New Health Knowledge

    This video sets the stage for laying a new foundation of knowledge in the rest of the OHMC videos. Here, we contextualize the rest of the videos in this course to enable you to take control of your own health.

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  • 10: The CRITICAL Difference Between Optimum Health and Wellness

    It's important to make a distinction between these three separate states of being in order to chart a course for optimum health and not get stuck in a state of just not being sick and certainly not a state of disease.

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  • 11: The CRITICAL Difference Between Health and Fitness

    Health and fitness are two separate things and one does not imply the other. This short video explores the difference between the two.

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  • 12: What We Need to Know About Fats to be Healthy

    From saturated fats to Omega-3's, we need the right fats, amounts and ratios to be healthy. This video covers the major different kinds of fats and their influence on our health in a simple format. Fats represent one of the biggest changes in the kinds of food and fats we consume since we have ex...

  • 13: How the Fat Free Revolution Ruined Our Health

    The fat free revolution and the belief that fats make us fat combine to amplify the negative health effects of these factors.

  • 14: Genetically Modified Foods

    GMO foods hit American food supplies in 1996 and we quickly began seeing increases in chronic illnesses. This is due to the lab-created foods themselves along with the long list of synthetic chemicals used that make their way into the foods we then consume. This video covers the topic and the imp...

  • 15: Wheat - It's Just Not What It Used To Be

    Wheat has changed significantly even since our grandparents have been buying bread. Does the new genetically modified wheat effect health?

  • 16: Introduction to Making Optimum Health Easy

    A quick word on the upcoming videos about making optimum health EASY!

  • 17: Making Optimum Health Easy - Defining Healthy Foods

    Optimum health doesn't need to be difficult. Let's make it easy so everything falls into place! We'll explore the new world of food in the 21st century, then early human civilization and agriculture. We cap it off with a look at the paleolithic era of our hunter gatherer ancestors. This gives us ...

  • 18: Organic vs. Conventional Foods - The Difference Could Save Your Life

    Understanding the difference between organic and conventional foods can mean the difference between being optimally healthy, just not being sick or disease. Humans have never had "frankenfoods" laced with synthetic poisons ever before the NWOF began. This video makes it easy to understand why org...

  • The 8 Week Optimum Health Challenge

    Welcome to the 8 week Optimum Health Challenge! Time to put all that new knowledge and mindset to work. The 8-Week Optimum Health Challenge is designed to change diet and exercise habits and form new ones, optimize your mindset, improve healthy decision-making and break through to a new level of ...

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